Big Foot Lives!?

So, what do you think about these guys from Georgia who claim to have found the body of Big Foot? They have the so-called body in a freezer. Does society want to so badly believe that it TMs real that we look past the obvious signs that it TMs probably just another hoax!? Haven TMt we been down this road before|Area 51|the Lochness Monster.?? Now don TMt call me a hater, but it TMs hard to believe that after all these years we never found any concrete evidence to verify these legends. I think it would be amazing if it turned out to be something real, but right now I have to be a skeptic. I will be the first to admit I am wrong if it turns out to be something, but to me it looks like someone put a Halloween costume in their freezer. What do you think?

Have a GREAT weekend and I TMll see ya on the tube! Keep watching the Olympics|USA is in the lead with medals as of this afternoon!! GO USA!