Craft Café serves up vegan coffee in El Paso

Craft Café

El Paso’s first vegan coffee shop is opening in central.

The coffee shop is located at 500 N. Oregon Street.

Co-owner Rosa Tenorio says they serve their coffee Craft Café style. Beverages are served in a solar-powered bicycle coffee cart. Ingredients come from local farmers markets.

On the menu are a variety of brewed coffee, loose leaf teas and a unique blue spirulina latte. Plus, we want to maintain affordable prices for our clients.

"I believe coffee needs to evolve with time. We should all need to try different ways to enjoy our coffee, what we put into our body is very important, I want people to enjoy their favorite coffee drinks without the extra calories and artificial sweeteners. I am a big fan of incorporating superfoods to almost everything, so that's how I decided to try it with lattes and cold drinks," said Tenorio.

Business opens at 6 p.m. Monday.

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