Jaguar Falls opens at Wet-N-Wild

Jaguar Falls at Wet-N-Wild

Wet-N-Wild Waterworld is debuting a new ride.

Jaguar Falls is ready to ride.

The attraction is the biggest in the water park, officials said.

The ride was built in an over 42,750-square-foott area and includes a six-story tower.

Water park officials said there is enough room to add more rides in the future.

The ride ends in a pool.

Jaguar Falls is between the Amazon and the Alien Vortex.

Two to four people can ride together in a raft.

"This project represents a huge investment in our guests and our community. We have been working nonstop on this ride since the winter, and we are thrilled to finally open it to our guests," says Chandra Edwards Cottingham, one of the family owners of the water park. "The suspense has been building since we announced the new ride, and we have revealed facts and details of Jaguar Falls to our customers week by week through our very popular Facebook contests. They are all now Jaguar Falls experts, and we can't wait for them to try it out."

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