New Year, New You!

Today on Talk of Alabama, Matt Crane discussed the The2014 "New Year, New You" Giveaway though L.I.F.E. Fitness. Matt says it's a life changing opportunity with 6 freemonths of training. The purpose is to not only help someone change from a fitnessperspective, but also to help them overcome obstacles and experience a morefulfilling, enriched life; full of confidence and renewed self esteem.{}

People can nominate themselves or someonethey feel deserving from now until Dec. 25th, upon which the Top 5vote earners will be brought before an unbiased panel of my colleagues todetermine a winner.{}

After the training, there will be a "reveal" party in the winner's honor to celebrate theirtransformation, but also to help raise money for the Children's Center forWeight Management at Children's of Alabama that helps battle the growingobesity epidemic in our children.{}

For more information, you can visit{}