National Guardsmen rescue 81-year-old man from high flood waters

Rodger McMurtry caught a lucky break. However, when the 81-year-old was clinging to a tree in raging flood water he probably didn't feel so lucky.

On Friday, February 10, rushing water swept McMurtry off the road north of Sacramento. A Blackhawk MEDEVAC was all ready up assisting the Plumas County Sherriff’s Department with an aerial reconnaissance due to flooding. That's when they were diverted to assist McMurtry.

According to a report issued by the California National Guard, Chief Brandon Lynch, the pilot in command of the HH-60L Blackhawk, said “It was vital the Plumas OES Director and Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator were on board to relay the 9-1-1 dispatch call and assist our crew in direct navigation to the victim”. This timeliness ensured the quick recovery of McMurtry via hoist who was in over 6 feet deep turbulent water.

“I applaud the crew’s quick and decisive actions which resulted in the saving of a life,” said Major General David Baldwin, the Adjutant General for the Cal Guard. “Our partnership with city and county agencies will always ensure our communities are safe.”