El Paso grandmother back for another Beer Mile

82-year-old grandma with a thirst for competition. (Credit: CBS4)

Vera Montes is sophisticated, athletic, gracious and fun-loving. But above all else she is competitive.

“I don’t like to get third or fourth place,” said Montes. “I like to get first place or I don’t like to run.”

Montes is less than two months away from her 83rd birthday. She’s also just three weeks away from her third Flotrack Beer Mile World Championship race in Austin. Her daughter Renee talked her into participating in the race when Vera went to Austin a few years ago for Thanksgiving.

“Renee told me, ‘No mom, don't go home because Dec. 2 we're having that Beer Run,’" said Montes, who signed up for the race without really knowing what she was getting into.

Montes soon found out she would be required to drink four beers and run four laps. Also, if anything "came up" along the way, it would mean another lap around the track. Losing her liquid lunch, however, was the least of Vera’s worries.

"I told Renee, 'I don't think I'll make it. I'm going to pee in my pants,'" said Montes. For the record, she did make it and she did not make a mess of her pants.

Montes not only won her age group, she also beat her daughter, who, by the way, runs marathons, by 51 seconds.

“She (Renee) was taking a long time chugging that beer,” said Montes. “But for me, it was easy. I just drank the beer and kept on running.”

Montes trains three times per week, either running on the treadmill or along Rim Road. What she doesn’t do is drink a lot of beer.

"I drink scotch,” said Montes. “Chivas is my drink."

She’ll save the beer for race day.

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