Collecting cars is life-long passion for State Rep. Joe Pickett

State Rep Joe Pickett vintage car

Texas It's like walking into a museum. State Rep. Joe Pickett has one of the coolest car collections you will ever see.

"The stuff I have is very eclectic," Pickett says. "Most of the cars have some kind of a story behind them. When people come here to see them, nobody picks the same car as their favorite.

" The cars are in his backyard but they're parked in a giant warehouse, not a garage. "I got my first car when I was 16-years-old and I couldn't afford a new car, so I had to buy an older one. Since then, I always told myself I'd have at least two to three cars at a time.

Among the cars in his collection are a 100-year-old car, a renovated fire engine with a working siren, a state trooper motorcycle, an old Corvette, and a Cadillac hearse that contains a casket in the back. "I have cars that I've had for 20 to 30 years. Some of them I'd be hard-pressed to try to buy today."

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