3 masked men caught on surveillance video ringing doorbells in Las Cruces neighborhood

3 masked men caught on surveillance video approaching homes near midnight

A Las Cruces neighborhood is shaken after three masked men were allegedly caught on camera ringing doorbells and running off.

It was in a neighborhood just off the Sonoma Ranch exit near Voyager Street where three masked men were caught in surveillance video approaching homes close to midnight.

Bobby Fragoso and his wife Ariel caught the men on surveillance camera hanging outside their home around 11:30 earlier this week.

Moments later another surveillance camera captured a man with purple hair wearing a mask ringing the doorbell and running off.

“Back in the day it was different. Now it’s dangerous. You approach the wrong home, the wrong person, you could definitely get hurt or hurt someone else,” Ariel Fragoso said.

Fragoso said after she posted the surveillance video online, she received several messages saying she wasn’t the only one, and that it happened to others, just a few miles from the Fragosos' home.

“Another woman said that it had happened just one exit up I-70 and so the idea is, it’s happening more often all in one night and then another mom said off of Hoagland that it had happened,”Ariel Fragoso said.

The Las Cruces Police Department said there has been more than 50 auto burglaries within the week, many of them in the same part of town where the three men were spotted.

“The first thing we saw is somebody in a mask ringing our doorbell and that definitely alarms you,” Ariel Fragoso said.

Police are trying to determine whether there’s a connection, but neighbors fear the possibility.

“That’s the last thing you want to think having you know a family and kids and things like that but now-a days to say that it’s not possible, I can’t say that I hope it was just a prank and a bad idea,” Ariel Fragoso said.

New Mexico is an open carry state and if you’re going around scoping peoples homes with masks in the night, shot should keep in mind, you may find yourself at the wrong door.

Here are some tips from police to lower your risk of being a victim of a burglary.

The Las Cruces Police Department recommends:

• Remove valuables from vehicle.

• Keep items of intrigue (backpacks, luggage, packages, shopping bags, cell phone chargers, electronics, loose change, etc.) out of sight.

• Remove or properly secure tools and other valuables commonly kept in pickup beds.

• Do not leave spare keys or garage door openers inside your vehicle.

• Roll up windows and keep doors locked when leaving vehicle unattended.

• If possible, park in a well-lighted area or inside a garage.

• Consider using a self-arming audible vehicle alarm system.

• Consider installing security cameras or a motion-sensor home security system, such as a Ring video doorbell, that records images and sends alerts via cell phone when motion is detected.

• Immediately report to police any suspicious behavior or activity.

Anyone with information on auto burglary suspects is asked to call police at (575) 526-0795.

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