65 tested positive for non-active form of tuberculosis at adult day care

Clients and employees at an east El Paso adult day care were tested for a possible tuberculosis exposure. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

After testing about 200 people for a possible tuberculosis exposure at an El Paso adult day care, 65 people tested positive for the disease, health officials said.

Testing began around April 11 after a memo was sent to employees at La Victoria Adult Day Care Center at 1223 N. Lee Trevino Blvd. that a current client at the facility had a possible case of tuberculosis about a year ago.

Clients and employees were tested for tuberculosis, and health officials said 65 came back positive, but none were active cases of TB.

Health officials said that in those cases, bacteria was present, but it wasn’t an active case of tuberculosis.

Those who tested positive will follow up with health officials for additional testing.

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