Apartment ceilings collapse in the Lower Valley

Residents at a Lower Valley apartment complex said their ceilings collapsed after a rainstorm. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4 

At least three people have to find a new place to stay after their ceilings collapsed early Tuesday morning.

Maria Herrera’s father lives in an apartment off of Alameda Avenue and Davis Drive in the Lower Valley. She got an early-morning phone call from him that there was an emergency.

“The whole roof is collapsed. It’s on the floor,” Herrera said. “He lost pretty much everything. We need to find a place for him and start over because there’s no furniture.”

The Red Cross said the apartment is a complete loss, according to Herrera.

At least two other people in the same apartment complex had damage, including Rosa Lopez.

“I feel horrible. I hate seeing my place look the way it does,” Lopez said. “Whatever’s inside, I would think is a total loss.”

Lopez said she doesn’t have insurance, so she hopes the landlord can help repair the apartment.

“I want to continue to live here, but if I can’t anymore, then I have to find a new place to stay,” she said.

CBS 4 On Your Side reached out to the landlord and was told an attorney will be coming by to assess the property damage. The landlord said she doesn’t know when that will be.

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