Ascarate Park neighbors have direct line to voice noise complaints during SCMF

Hotline created for noise complaints due to annual music festival.

As the Sun City Music Festival (SCMF) gears up for the weekend, some Southcentral neighbors brace themselves for the noise that will be coming from Ascarate Park.

Preparing to receive the complaints for this weekend's festival was as easy as setting up a hotline to assist with unintentional sound delivery for the SCMF.

Sept. 2 through 3, Ascarate Park will be taken over by the Southwest's largest electronic festival.

Thousands of concert goers will enjoy music Saturday and Sunday into the morning hours.

But for the neighbors that won't get a kick out of it, El Paso County Parks and Special Events is working with SCMF organizers to maintain a hotline during the event.

Calls will be received and callers will be asked to provide information such as the sound being heard and the address from which they are calling.

The information given by the callers will then be used by the sound technicians to determine possible solutions.

Anyone living in the surrounding area of Ascarate Park can file a noise complaint by dialing 915-771-2380.

And as for traffic, keep in mind that there is only one entrance to Ascarate Park.

That entry way is at Delta, neighbors and concert goers should expect some delays.

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