Ascarate Park neighbors have mixed feelings about noise levels from music festival

Sun City Music Festival 2017. Courtesy Photo.

The Sun City Music Festival kicked off Saturday night at Ascarate Park.

Amanda Cicciarelli, who lives across the street from the park, said the noise levels are an issue every year.

"You can go a little bit further to the Bassett center mall and you can still hear how loud the noise is," she said.

During Friday night's sound check, Cicciarelli said her whole home shook from the noise.

She said aside from the noise levels, parking is another problem.

"We have to make our days a lot shorter," she said. "Whatever we do throughout the day, we have to do it before the show starts because then we come home and there is no parking."

Other neighbors said the noise doesn't bother their daily routines.

"We don't really mind the noise," Lily Montelongo said. "We always enjoy it. We make it a cookout and the family gets together to have fun watching the people pass."

In response to noise complaints last year, festival organizers established a hotline for people to call about the noise.

Operators will ask for the caller's address. That number is 915-771-2380. Operators will answer the hotline until 2 a.m. Saturday night and Sunday night when the festival is scheduled to end for the night.

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