Border Network to fight deportation of man detained after traffic stop

The Border Network For Human Rights is fighting Jesus Vasquez’s deportation after he was detained by state troopers earlier this month. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

The Border Network For Human Rights is filing a lawsuit in the case of a local man who is fighting deportation.

Jesus Vasquez was pulled over by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers earlier this month on Greg Street near Mountain View High School.

The agency said Vasquez, 22, was pulled over for having windows that were too darkly tinted, but it was later determined Vasquez didn’t have a driver’s license.

Border Patrol agents were called in to assist, and they detained Vasquez for violating immigration laws.

Vasquez was later released from detention and is scheduled for deportation proceedings.

The Border Network for Human Rights announced it will be filing a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Vasquez to fight his deportation.

"The traffic violation should have resulted in the issuing of a citation in a court setting. Rather, it resulted in an unlawful search of his vehicle and resulted in what they perceive to be proof of foreign nationality and therefore a call to the Border Patrol,” said Carlos Spector, Vasquez's attorney.

Spector says they are waiting for a hearing to be scheduled. He said as of right now, Vasquez gets to stay in the country and cannot be deported.

Although the Border Network For Human Rights calls Vasquez a "dreamer," in reference to the Dream Act, which would grant immigrants such as him lawful status, he doesn’t meet the requirements.

Family and friends said Vasquez dropped out of school in 10th grade, and records show he was arrested in 2014 on charges of failure to attend school.

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