Celebrating the anniversary of the Papal visit

It's been one year since the Pope Francis gave a mass to hundreds of thousands of people in the borderland.

On Friday evening, there will be a celebration in honor of the anniversary.

Juarez, Mexico was graced with his presence on a sunny February day.

People lined the roads on his journey to the altar in hopes of a glimpse or even a blessing.

Some said Catholic communities in El Paso and Juarez have strengthened.

Diana Cabrera a student at UTEP said, "It was really good for Catholics and for non-Catholics because it brings us closer to God in some way but it was only for a few months."

And on the day of his visit, the pope brought a faith without barriers in this region.

There were also people who said the visit couldn't have come at a better time for the city with over a decade of violence.

Raudel Avila , another student at UTEP said of the pope, "he brought hope to a to a particular zone that was affected and touched by violence."

On Friday evening, the Diocese of El Paso will celebrate the anniversary of Pope Francis' visit to the Borderland.

The celebration will begin at 6 p.m. at st. Pius X Parish.

There will be a Mass in the church followed by a concert.

A dinner celebration will follow in the parish hall.

The Mass and concert are free to the public.

Tickets to the dinner are $50 per person.

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