City attorney explains letter circulating in Union Plaza neighborhood

Members of the Union Plaza neighborhood received a letter that appears to be from the city but it is not.

CBS4 has been trying to get answers regarding a concerning letter people signed to enter into an agreement with the city.

It's a relocation agreement for people who live where the city plans to build a downtown arena. The top of the letter says "the city of El Paso." Last week, city officials said it's not an "official" city document.

Neighbors in the union plaza area said they weren't sure if it was a scam. Today, City Attorney Sylvia Firth finally got back to KFOX14.

Firth said in a statement to CBS4,

For the convenience of the tenants, the City provided information regarding the relocation benefits to the property owners. The landlords provided that information to the tenants at the time they advised them the properties were being sold. The tenants were asked to sign in order to indicate their acceptance of the relocation benefits. At the time they actually receive their checks, the City requests further documentation. We have no reason to believe any of the owners are coercing the tenants into signing; particularly because the tenants have begun to come forward and request their checks from the City.

The document is an acknowledgement that people received an offer from the city, but they still have to sign a separate document from the city-- to make it official.