City Council to discuss keeping red-light cameras for 5 more years

Red light camera

The El Paso City Council on Tuesday will discuss keeping red-light cameras at busy intersections.

The city wants to see them on roads for another five years.

Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. owns and maintains all the equipment used in the program.

There are 32 cameras at 21 intersections throughout El Paso.

The total revenue was more than $1.2 million in 2016, with expenses of $800,000.

City officials said extending the agreement is in the best interest of the community and protects the public's health and safety.

If the extension passes, the contract will be in effect until June 2022 and will apply citywide.

The cost of running a red light at intersections with cameras is a potential $75 ticket.

The Digital Automated Red Light Enforcement Program (DARLEP) collects the data and fines from the cameras.

Almost 39,000 notices were issued last year to people who ran red lights.

The state gets 50 percent of revenue after expenses.

The money goes to the designated trauma facility and emergency medical services account.

There is no criminal penalty for a red light camera violation, but the city said the initiative helps keep the roads safe.

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