City inspectors check partially demolished buildings, demolition halted again

Portion of Union Plaza neighborhood set to be demolished. (CBS4/KFOX14)

City inspectors check partially demolished buildings after new court order halts Union Plaza demolition again

Fencing around parts of the Union Plaza neighborhood were removed after a new court order was issued, halting the demolition of eight properties.

City inspectors went out to the neighborhood Tuesday evening to check the partially demolished buildings that protestors had chained themselves to in protest earlier in the day.

A new fence was placed around those building extending past the sidewalk forcing protestors to move across the street.

Chihuahua Street between Overland Avenue and Paisano Drive were eventually opened up.

Mayor Dee Margo said the partial demolition of some of the buildings that happened early morning Tuesday were not the work of the city but of the property owners who were given demolition permits.

An injunction handed down Monday evening, stopped the demolition by the city, however the order did not state demolition had to be halted by the property owners.

During the peak of the protests and after the city attorney and Mayor Margo held a press conference addressing the demolition, El Paso historian Max Grossman announced that the 8th Court of Appeals had drafted a new court order.

In that order, all demolition permits given to property owners by the city were to be revoked.

"We feel that the cities actions today are reprehensible, that they are awful on a level that we couldn't have anticipated and we didn't expect," Jose Quintero with Paso Del Sur said. "We no longer have faith in the city. We no longer have faith that the city is able to abide by the law when they clearly didn't follow a very clear court order."

Paso Del Sur, a group protesting the construction of the Multipurpose Cultural Performing Arts Center, said they're planning to stay out in the neighborhood overnight to ensure no more unexpected demolition takes place.

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