Westway fire caused by child playing with matches, fire chief says

House fire on Coach and Hannibal in Westway, Texas. (Credit: Rosie Susita)

A fire in Westway was caused by a child playing with matches, according to West Valley Fire Chief Bill Adler.

The fire was reported at a small structure on Hannibal Road around 2 p.m. Monday.

A video sent in by a CBS4 viewer showed large flames shooting out of the structure.

No injuries were reported, Adler said. It took fire crews about 15 minutes to get the flames under control. They had called the Anthony Fire Department for help but were able to get the blaze under control a short time later unassisted.

The homeowners allowed a CBS4 crew into the backyard to check out the damage. The structure appeared to be a permanent backyard shed that had landscaping tools inside.

There was a wheelbarrow, chairs, lights, shovels and gardening tools, etc. that were recognizable in the soot and ash. Almost all of it was destroyed.

The roof of the shed was almost completely gone, there were holes in the back walls and the windows were blown out. A tree on one side of the structure also suffered from some damage.

The homeowners did not want to talk on camera about the fire.

The fire department has not yet released an estimate for how much the damage will cost.

We will update this article when more information becomes available.

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