Cuban refugee in El Paso reacts to Trump's announcement to nix Obama's U.S.-Cuba deal

Cuban refugee in El Paso reacts to Trump's announcement to nix Obama's U.S.-Cuba deal.

A local Cuban refugee said she's not surprised at President Trump's announcement to nix Obama's deal with Cuba.

Trump made the announcement in Miami Friday, which will restrict individual travel to the island, demand key reforms and buckle down on the flow of U.S. cash to the Cuban military. He called Obama's deal with Cube "one-sided."

"What President Trump has said about Cuba is not a surprise to me," said Odayli Margarita Medina, a Cuban refugee who has been living in El Paso for two years. "For the Cuban part of me, it's not good, but if I get in the mindset of our president here, he has his vision of the economic state for this country. Those are his decisions."

Medina still has family living in Cuba. She said she's seen a lot happen in her 59 years of living.

"Since 1959, when the revolution of Cuba won, the politics and relations with the United States have been very limited," she said. "And who suffers? The people of Cuba."

Medina said Trump's announcement Friday dims the hope that many Cubans saw with Obama's policy change.

"Obama had great intentions, and I thought he was going to help Cuba, because I was convinced that's what Obama was thinking," Medina said. "But then we found out the context changed, and it's Cuba who continues to suffer."

She said even though it's not a perfect world, she still sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

"Traditionally, it's been seen that the revolutions exist while their leaders exist," Medina said. "When their leaders are gone, the revolutions disappear."

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