District to vote on safety improvements for crosswalk in front of Ysleta High School

Alameda Avenue is a busy street that is located in front of Ysleta High School. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

A dangerous school crosswalk in the Lower Valley will soon get a whole lot safer.

Ysleta High School is located on Alameda Avenue, one of the busiest streets in the Lower Valley.

Students must cross four lanes of traffic to get to and from school.

The crosswalk is manned by a crossing guard during school hours.

The real concern lies after school.

"Kids love to hang around the high schools and they're crossing frequently, but there's no crossing guard," said associate superintendent of operations Pat O'Neill.

The crosswalk has even been deadly.

A student died after she was hit by a car last May. She was on her way to get a bite to eat.

Now the district is working with the city of El Paso to prevent more accidents.

The city will install lights to alert drivers when someone is crossing.

O'Neill described it as being similar to a traffic light, but will only be activated when it is being utilized.

The district plans on spending up to $125,000 on the lights.

Students who use the crosswalk said the lights will make them feel safer.

"I think it is really good because we've had many accidents throughout the years," said Destiny Avila.

The lights are expected to be installed by the fall.

The district also hopes to install similar lights at other school crosswalks in the future.

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