SISD back in session, drivers advised to be cautious on roads


Monday, Socorro Independent School District (SISD) students head back to class. SISD is asking drivers in East and Far East El Paso to be aware of school zones.

"Once again we're going to be out making sure our kids are going and coming to school safely" says SISD Chief of Police Joe Castorena.

He reminds us that students will be back on the sidewalks, crosswalks and maybe sometimes crossing at corners where there are no crosswalks.

On July 31, SISD welcomes back more than 46,000 students at its 47 campuses .

And according to Castorena, some drivers are not aware of the school zones in effect.

He asks that drivers be vigilant when driving in Socorro, East and Far East El Paso.

But it's not only crosswalks that the chief wants drivers to remain vigilant of, it's also bus stop arms.

SISD will be looking for violators starting Monday.

A report provided to us by the school district shows violation citation from the year 2015 to 2016 school year.

Peak months were February, April, May and June of last year.

January, March and August saw less than 35 citations given.

"Our school buses are equipped with cameras that will detect a violation that will detect when you pass the stop arm that is deployed," says Castorena.

He continues, "Avoid the citation, you want to make sure that your watching and monitoring your speed".

The chief also says violations are a last resort.

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