Drivers more concerned about getting video than helping during deadly pedestrian crash


The El Paso Police Department has identified the man who was killed in last night’s car crash as 71-year-old Angel Chaparro.

According to police, Chaparro was struck by a 2012 Nissan Versa at about 9 p.m. on the 9500 block of McCombs.

The Versa was driven 26-year-old Nicole Banks, police said.

Witnesses said people driving by were more worried about recording video then helping Chaparro.

"Once I got to the corner, I saw a man on the floor. There was cars trying to pass and video tape,” said witness Andrea Chavira, who lives on Lindsey Drive.

Jesus Chavira heard the crash, and then saw the aftermath in his front yard.

"It was a loud bang, it really was. I thought someone was in our front yard to be honest,” Jesus Chavira said. “So I came out and I heard a lady screaming so obviously right away I knew something was wrong. I saw the guy laying in the middle of the street, so I just took off running. I was barefoot and everything. I just took off running to go help him out."

Jesus said his Marine Corps training kicked in while his sister called 911.

"This guy came up he was like, 'Hey I'm an off-duty EMT." I told him, 'Hey I'm here to help you out. Whatever you need me to do.' We started doing CPR. I was doing chest compressions, and he was doing mouth-to-mouth. I just did whatever he told me to do," Jesus Chavira said.

It was a race against time. He said they almost saved the man.

"When we started doing the CPR, he started breathing. He really did,” Jesus Chavira said. “As soon as he started breathing the EMT guys started talking to him and the daughter showed up and he started asking for his history, his background like his medical history."

But Jesus Chavira said other people passing by made the situation more dangerous.

"We are trying to help this guy out, and they kept trying to drive really close to us and kept trying to videotape,” Jesus Chavira said. “There was other pedestrians trying to move them out-of-the-way like, 'Hey back away.' Like trying to direct traffic before the cops and everybody came here."

"They could have hit someone else that was trying to help him, like my brother or the paramedic,” said Andrea Chavira.

They both said those people were more concerned about getting video than helping out.

"I think that was really disrespectful of them, you know? Because that's a person’s life. And you don't know what was happening. They were just passing by recording, probably putting it on social media. It was very disrespectful to him and his family,” Andrea Chavira said.

"In my opinion, if you see someone trying to help another person, slow down and either stay in your lane or don't get too close,” Jesus Chavira said. “Because there was other pedestrians like yelling at them like, 'Hey you're going to run them over too! Get away from them!' So it was crazy."

Police said Chaparro was not using a crosswalk at the time. Police also said there are no charges against the driver at this time. Chaparro died at the hospital.

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