Easiest way to make your mailman happy in triple-digit temps? Offer cold water

United States Postal worker delivering mail in El Paso. (Courtesy: CBS4)

One person who never quits when it gets a little toasty outside is your local mail carrier. Postal carriers work long hours, sometimes walk far distances or get in and out of the car hundreds of times a day. A letter carrier's job requirement is literally to be driving around -- outside -- all day -- in a car -- with no air conditioning.

CBS4 met one USPS city letter carrier who takes the heat like a champ. Michael Duran said despite the occasional triple-digit temperatures, he has absolutely loved the past 19 years delivering mail in El Paso.

Duran allowed CBS to take a ride-along inside his delivery truck to see how hot it gets inside of it each day. He said it is about 10 degrees hotter inside the truck than outside because there is no AC. Plus it is all metal inside and out.

"We have this fan right here, but (it) just feels like a blow dryer. Just blowing hot air,” Duran said. “I guess it's good when you're sweaty. It cools you down. But other than that, it's hot in here!"

Duran said he takes plenty of precautions to avoid any heat-related injuries. He carries a water jug and a rag, and wears sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

But he said there is one thing that can make his day a whole lot better, and it is something you or your neighbors can do. Duran said it is extremely kind and helpful when neighbors bring him a cold bottle of water. He said even if he brings water from home, the heat inside the truck makes the water start to heat up in 10-15 minutes. Duran said sometimes his favorite neighbors leave a frozen water bottle for him in their mailbox when they leave for work.

"Anybody that does a service for your home, keep an eye out for them,” said East El Paso resident Victor Ramirez. “Just say, 'Hello,' maybe a bottle of water or something, and maybe something warm in the winter."

But Duran said the heat, sweat and long hours are all worth it.

"When somebody is expecting a package or a letter or something, and I deliver it to them. They are glad to get it,” Duran said.

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