El Paso medical community gears up to help Hurricane Harvey evacuees in the Borderland

El Paso medical community gears up to help Hurricane Harvey evacuees in the Borderland

The El Paso medical community is ready to take care of Hurricane Harvey evacuees. The Border Regional Advisory Committee said local hospitals and doctors are looking for people who can provide care. The medical community is trying to figure out the best places to house evacuees and details about cots and food.

The executive director of BorderRAC, Wanda Helgesen, said it is not just about emergency care but about getting people who evacuees the things they need.

"Our local medical community here is working on preparations should we receive evacuees here. Our medical community and our nursing community are working behind the scenes on plans to be able to assist evacuees if they come here locally,” Helgesen said. “If we receive evacuees, those people will probably arrive with just the clothes on their back. So they won’t have their medications, they may not have their glasses, there’s lots of medical needs that individuals could arrive with. You could be in pretty good shape when you leave, and not so good shape when you get here. So we have to be able to provide care for those individuals and assess their medical needs, and make sure we can intervene to help them.”

BorderRAC is helping in the path of the storm, too. The teams are currently in Engleton, Texas, which is east of Corpus Christi. They set up a field hospital at the Campbell Airport. BorderRAC also mobilized its Mobile Medical Unit, which is basically a field emergency department. It is made up of some trailers and some inflatable tents that create large hospital wings.

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