New EPISD offices could cause overcrowding with teen moms, credit recovery students

EPISD considering moving central office to CCTA campus

Students at the College, Career and Technology Academy might have to deal with overcrowding if the district decides to move central office there.

The school serves pregnant students and students who have dropped out of high school but are trying to get their diploma.

For students like Jazmine Huckey, the school has given them a second chance at success.

“For me to come back, it was a big opportunity for my family,” Huckey said. "The school is actually more complex than other high schools. It has more than what the students here are needing. Like if somebody doesn't graduate on time, you can always come here and you can earn your credits by doing everything you need to do."

She will be the first person in her family to graduate. “I was a student at Irvin High School and I was missing credits,” she said. “It was just mostly me ending up being a drop out."

Currently the CCTA campus has two buildings, one for students like Jazmine who are trying to get their diploma, and one for pregnant teens and teen moms.

All of those students would soon have to share one building if the district moves its headquarters there.

El Paso Independent School District board president Dori Fenenbock said they are weighing their options.

“It gives us plenty of options in terms of a way to utilize a school that could be consolidated,” Fenenbock said.

The district would not allow teachers at the school to speak on camera but some of them spoke off camera.

They say they are worried the students will suffer. They said consolidating would leave them with 22 available classrooms and offices for 51 teachers and staff.

Students are worried too.

“It’s not going to work good because there are going to be a lot of distractions,” CCTA junior Erick Mendoza said. "To take away all of the space, we're going to be actually crowded. “There's going to be more fights because there's going to be pushing around. What I really don't like is that the central offices want to take over the building and I don't like that because it's fine how it is right now. Where we have our classes and everything. But now, when they take over, we're all going to be crowded. That's what I don't like."

The district is trying to find a solution that works for everyone.

“So there's always, for us at the board, the central office and the district, some concern for the sensitivity of some of the teenage mothers in that program and wanting to keep them in an isolated population. We are also, at the same time, trying to find some efficiencies,” Fennenbock said. “So we’re looking at all options and trying to review what the best placement will be.”

The district said it's still evaluating its options. There is no timeline of when the district will make a decision on the move.

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