Tai Chan trial: Hotel guests describe night of deadly shooting

Former Santa Fe County deputy Tai Chan is accused of his partner at a hotel in Las Cruces in 2014. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

As the trial continues for the former Santa Fe County deputy accused of killing his partner as hotel guests described what they heard the night of the shooting.

Tai Chan is accused of shooting and killing Jeremy Martin at a hotel in Las Cruces in 2014.

Several hotel guests who stayed on the seventh floor the night of the shooting took the stand.

Some guests testified to hearing arguments outside their hotel room followed by gunshots.

One witness recalled seeing Chan with a bloody nose holding a gun after the shots were fired.

Edward Haselwood said he heard a man’s voice saying, “I can’t believe this has happened. I can’t believe this has happened to me.”

Erasmo Bravo said he saw Chan down the hall holding a gun, and before shutting his door in fear, he said he heard Chan yell, “Call police.”

Firearms expert Steve Guerra, of Santa Fe, testified Wednesday that the bullets that hit Martin were shot from no less than 2 feet away.

Guerra said he tested the clothing Martin was wearing the night he was killed, and he could not determine whether the holes were entrance or exit shots.

“I had a pair of pants also and a pair of warmup pants. There were, I believe, four holes in the pants but only one looked like it had been created by a passage of a bullet, and that was located in the rear just left of the center seam,” Guerra said.

The trial is set to continue tomorrow.

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