Fitness trainers say El Paso is dropping 'Fattest City' title

EL PASO, Texas - The number of people joining gyms and getting personal trainers is on the rise in El Paso.

Gym owners and personal trainers told CBS4 they have been seeing more people looking to get in shape in the past two years.

"People are starting to notice that you just feel so much better after you work out," said Bernie Maese, a personal trainer with Hybrid Fitness. Maese said Hybrid Fitness has started to train more people and said the business has been busy with new clients

Rick Debello is a trainer at Kinetix Personal Training and said he has also seen an increase over the last two years.
"More people are starting to get more health-conscious and improving their diet as well," Debello said.

El Paso has been listed as one of the fattest cities in the country by Men's Health, a nationally distributed health and fitness magazine.

The city's obesity rates rank lower than the national average and the state average in Texas.

"I think El Paso is getting healthier," said Benjamin Strate, an El Paso resident.

Strate said he believes the Sun City is getting more health conscious like the rest of the country. "I think in general culture is providing more health awareness and more physical health awareness."

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