Fourth-grader returns to school after leukemia diagnosis


An El Paso girl is now back in the classroom after cancer kept her from school. She's still on the path to recovery but that's not stopping her.

Jackie Rosales was diagnosed with leukemia last year. That diagnosis has forced to stay home the better part of this school year, a total of nine months. Now though, she's able to join her friends and keep learning thanks to a robot provided by Socorro ISD.

“It's out of this world that we're able to have a connection with her through a robot that actually moves,” Andrew Chavez, a classmate said.

The John Drugan fourth-grader can participate in class lessons and move around the room with her friends. Her teacher can talk to her through the robot and help guide her through the lesson as they move forward. The robot also has a camera, screen, and wheels so Jackie can zoom around the room with her friends.

"So even if it's not in person we still have the robot to connect with her," Danika Luevano, a classmate, said. "We try to treat her like a regular person. Even if she's sick that doesn't mean that we treat her unfairly."

Jackie's longtime friends and classmates are happy to have her back with them.

“Since she's sick I think this is a really amazing object so she can participate in the class and will still have the same relationship,” Luevano.

“Me and my classmates feel very excited and proud to have her in class because we were able to connect with her and make friendships with her,” Chavez said.

Jackie is still continuing treatment which requires her to take breaks throughout the day.

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