Giant pick-ax installed along I-10 next to UTEP campus

Giant pick-ax installed along I-10 next to UTEP campus (Credit: CBS4/KFOX14)

Crews are installing a new monument near the UTEP campus. On Friday the first giant pick -- like that of a pick ax, though there is no handle -- was put into place near I-10.

Standing nearly 40 feet tall, the pick grabs attention as drivers pass the Sunbowl.

The UTEP letters are backlit with LED lights.

Alumna Christina Duron was driving with her grandchild when she saw the pick being installed.

She said the new artwork was beautiful.

"I think it will bring a lot of pride and character to the university. I think graduates and citizens of the city are all proud to have UTEP in our town,and it's just a really nice thing to have," said Duron.

On Monday crews will install the second pick on the other side of I-10.

TxDOT warned of overnight road closures as crews worked on the monument.

"On May 8, there will be a complete closure of the eastbound I-10 lanes from Executive Center Drive through the Downtown exit from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. the next morning," according to a TxDOT release.

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