Bills aimed at overhauling Child Protective Services unanimously pass

Texas House and Senate unanimously passed bills to reform Child Protective Services or CPS.

Those who care for foster kids or relatives call the three bills "emergency items".

First there's House Bill 5, which will make the department of family protective services its own agency.

They will report directly to the governor.

Next is House Bill 4, which will change the payments given to actual family members.

It will go from a one-time lump sum to monthly payments based on the family's income.

Finally, Senate Bill 11 completely overhauls CPS with four main provisions.

--timely services for children in foster care.

-- increasing the capacity of the foster care system.

-- increased accountability for providers.

This bill will also raise standards for investigating abuse or neglect of children.

These three bills passed Wednesday.

Next they will be sent to the opposite chambers for consideration.

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