Interstate shutdown causes traffic jam during triple-digit heat

VO-MOTORCYCLE CRASH_frame_1821.jpg

El Paso police shut down I-10 for five hours as they worked to clear the scene of a deadly motorcycle accident.

People stuck in I-10 traffic during that time had to deal with the triple-digit temperatures while at a standstill.

Driver Derek Acosta told KFOX14 that he'd been listening to music and watching YouTube videos to pass the time.

But the hot temperatures made sitting in the car a bit of a challenge.

"Well, we have water but it got hot. It got hot really fast," Acosta said.

Mark Witcher was driving back to his home state of California. He told KFOX14 he was stuck in the traffic with no air conditioning for more than three hours.

“I have it turned off, yeah. I was worried about the vehicle overheating. I've seen several vehicles overheat and move to the side of the road," he said.

But in the end, strangers came together to help each other out.

“I had an ice chest full of water and soda, so when I get a chance, I hand some out when people need it," Witcher said.

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