Items believed to be heroin, meth, and narcotic pain relievers found in teacher's home

Melanie Marolt, a Las Cruces teacher, was arrested after her son tested positive for meth.

Officers found multiple items suggesting drug use at the apartment of a Las Cruces teacher arrested after her son tested positive for methamphetamine.

Melanie Marolt and her live-in boyfriend Skip Valenzuela were arrested Monday.

Police said Child Protective Services informed them that Marolt’s son tested positive for meth around April 7. The young boy lives with his mother part-time, police said.

According to court documents, a detective interviewed Marolt’s 7-year-old son and her daughter on April 28 after the boy's hair sample came back positive for meth.

In that interview the detective was told that Marolt and Valenzuela would go into the master bedroom of the apartment. Marolt’s daughter said a strange odor would emit from the bedroom a short while after the couple went in there. The daughter told detectives the smell was not associated with cleaning agents or air fresheners.

The 7-year-old boy told the detective he found foil squares with black streaks on them in the master bedroom and the kitchen while he was playing hide-and-seek, according to the court documents.

The detective knew through his experience in law enforcement that the foil squares indicate drug usage.

When the search warrant of the apartment was executed on May 4, officers found foils with black residue on them in the master bedroom, one loaded hypodermic syringe containing a brownish liquid suspected to be heroin, two small Ziploc baggies with residue, one spoon with a black tar substance also suspected to be heroin, seven packets of Suboxone (a narcotic pain reliever), and one glass pipe with white residue that appears to be meth.

Marolt is a fifth grade teacher at Sunrise Elementary and has been with the district for four years, according to Jo Galvan, spokeswoman for Las Cruces Public Schools.

Galvan said Marolt has not been placed on leave but is not currently teaching in a classroom.

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