Las Cruces neighborhood opens tap to dirty water


Typically you open the tap and clear water comes out. That was not even close to the case for some people in Las Cruces on Monday.

Many took to a community Facebook page to share the images of bathtubs, cups and toilets with less than clear water.

We spoke with the utility services water department in Las Cruces. Crews were working Monday on two valves when an unmarked service line was hit. They worked on flushing out the dirty water that afternoon. Though, neighbors between Lohman Avenue to Nevada Avenue, and SolanoDrive to Baca Road experienced discolored water.

The water department has received a few more calls from people who live in the area this morning. The company is telling neighbors to try and flush it out or let the water run a bit.

We spoke with some neighbors who did not want to talk on camera but they tell me the water in their homes was fine today.

If you are still seeing dirty water, you're asked to call utility dispatch at (575) 526-0500.

Crews will work on the valves again this Thursday, shutting down water from 9pm to 3 am.

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