Las Cruces Public Schools will keep $3.5 million that was supposed to go to the state

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The Las Cruces Public School Board wrapped up its regular meeting Tuesday night.

Superintendent Gregory Ewing announced that the district would get to keep $3.5 million that was supposed to go to the state.

As we reported, the state of New Mexico is dealing with a budget crisis.

Last year the state took money from cash reserves from districts around the state.

At LCPS that was $7 million.

Recently, the superintendent went to Santa Fe to plead with lawmakers not to force any more budget cuts on the district.

While he was there, he learned about a law that says the state can’t take away more money than the district has in it’s reserves.

As result, the district will get to keep $3.5 million.

That way it only gives up the same amount it gets to keep.

“We didn’t meet the threshold that the state law they just recently passed for a cash sweep out of reserve fund balances so only because of that were we able to keep $3.5 million in the district,” Ewing said.

The district still needs to make some cuts.

Ewing said the district will move some of its central office positions back into schools which will save the district about $1 million

Today Ewing, said the district will work on having a budget to present the public in May.

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