Last minute tax preparation advice from professionals

According to the IRS, 20-25 percent of Americans wait until the last minute to file their taxes.

But according to the professionals, if you've waited this long you should probably consider filing an extension.

Kym Anderson, a Certified Public Accountant with Jones & Company, wants you to remember filing taxes is complicated.

By now there is a possibility of sitting down to file and realizing that you are missing paperwork.

Instead, consider filing for an extension and play it safe.

She also says that if you are down to the last week, talk to a professional.

"That's when you make mistakes, that's when you miss deductions there are lots of little things that slip by you," says Anderson about waiting to file a week before deadline.

She wants you to remember filing taxes is complicated.

Also, there is no such thing as a simple return.

Anderson says filing online is convenient but difficult and little mistakes and missed deductions happen when you are rushing through your taxes.

Leave out taxable income, unintentionally, will cause you to owe in the future.

You can call the IRS with questions, of course.

But according to Anderson, professionals can always dial direct.

"For me it is still easier than it is for the general public. I know who to call. I know when to call.

The last day to file is Tuesday, April 18.

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