Local farmers work to provide fresh produce to Borderland businesses

A Las Cruces resident is helping provide fresh food to more than 40 businesses in the Borderland.

OMP is a distribution company that started four years ago with the goal of bringing locally grown products to the tables of residents in Las Cruces, Mesilla Valley and now El Paso.

When products are not in season, the company outsources from other farmer partners in order to continue providing fresh produce.

It works with business and individuals as well and is even in the process of providing produce to the local school district.

OMP now works with over 40 businesses throughout Las Cruces, the Mesilla Valley and El Paso. One of its clients is the Double Eagle, a nationally recognized historical building in the Mesilla Plaza. The head chef there says having a fresh source of produce greatly increases the quality of his menu.

Local farmer Abbey Carver is partnering up with Organ Mountain Produce to find new ways to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the region.

Carver’s farm, Wholesome Valley Farms, will grow the upcoming spring and summer crops.

The produce will also be sold at the farmers market and at a new fresh retail produce store called FARMesilla, which is located on Avenida de Mesilla. FARMesilla will have amenities such as a juice bar and a community garden that will host presentations for children with the mission to educate the youth on where their food comes from.

The building is under construction right now but is expected to open by May 1.

The owner of OMP and FARMesilla is Las Cruces resident Jay Hill, a busy man whose newly renovated greenhouses in Berino gained recognition from the governor herself.

He's managed to get attention for his family farm by gaining massive support through social media.

To learn more about this initiative, click on the video above.

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