Negative effects of sitting for too long


A new study finds sitting for long periods at a time is jeopardizing your health.

You've probably heard it's a good idea to get up and walk around every 30 minutes if you normally sit for most of the day.

Now experts are saying that sitting for too long is linked to early death.

The study was done by Annals of Internal Medicine.

CBS4 asked Leah Whigham with the Institute for Healthy Living at UTEP funded by Paso Del Norte Health Foundation to explain the negative effects of sitting for too long.

Whigham says the Institute works with schools, businesses and community partners on nutrition, physical activity and decreasing sedentary behavior.

Whigham says, "I have a walking desk because I know that the research supports that the less you sit and the more you move throughout the day the healthier you will be."

However, most office spaces are full of employees who sit for about 8 hours the entire time.

Whigham suggests setting a timer on your phone to force yourself to get up and move every half hour.

Victoria Bruce, an employee at Paso Del Norte Institute for Healthy Living says work life, before working with the institute meant sitting in a chair or sitting on a couch at home with her laptop working from home.

Bruce says, "The great thing is coming into an office space where physical activity is a priority."

She says it has completely changed her day-to-day routine.

If you're not in the market for a walking desk, there are still some ways to decrease that sedentary lifestyle.

Whigham suggests taking mini breaks every half hour if possible.

Instead of sitting for meetings, you can take a walk around the building with co-workers for meetings.

And also make phone calls standing up.

Bruce says if employers are concerned about productivity, they shouldn't be.

"Consider the fact that our productivity performance levels rather go up when we have that physical activity break," says Bruce.

She continues, "You're getting better work from your employees, you have happier employees that are excited and ready to come to work."

We researched the cost of walking desks, like Whigham's, and found that they start no lower than $1,000.

Whigham suggests making the most of your office space.

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