New Army equipment used during deployments being tested at Ft. Bliss

Equipment being tested at Fort Bliss .jpg

Right now, soldiers are training and testing out new equipment at Fort Bliss.

It’s a part of the Army’s Network Integration Evaluation. Basically, every year troops at Fort Bliss use the desert conditions to test out equipment they may have to use when deployed overseas.

NIE gives troops an opportunity to get hands-on experience.

"We can equip the future force to fight and win on the battlefield tomorrow," said Col. Joseph Escandon, with the 502nd Infantry Regiment, “Strike.”

During the Army’s annual NIE, soldiers use equipment and report back any issues they may have, to make the tools better.

"It's always great to see what's going on in the future and it's always great to see what the soldiers have,” said Col. Terrece Harris, director of capability packages.

Right now, troops are looking at tools that would allow them to communicate safely with their units in a more effective way.

"It's just a lot of equipment that allows the Army to deploy anywhere in the world and basically do the same thing: communicate, use various tools and win decisively on the battlefield,” said Escandon.

For the first time, soldiers from other military bases are coming to Fort Bliss to be a part of the testing.

In fact, Escandon brought his brigade down from Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

"I think it's very important,” he said. ”We're testing equipment for the Army that is going to help soldiers win on the battlefield in any future conflicts."

This year’s NIE will continue until the first week of August.

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