New emergency shelter under construction for victims of violence in El Paso

New emergency shelter under construction for victims of violence in El Paso

A new emergency shelter is under construction in the Borderland for victims of violence. The Center Against Sexual and Family Violence said its current shelter barely meets families' needs. Right now, it is serving up to 80 survivors a day. Up to eight people will share one bathroom, and two moms and six kids will share a small bedroom.

The Center is bulldozing the current emergency shelter to the ground, and building a new shelter for survivors. The rebuild will be in the same location in which it is currently sitting, which is a confidential location. It is increasing capacity from 100 to 150 people. There will also be a small school inside so children will not fall behind, and a computer lab for training and job searching.

The center is still open for victims to get help during the construction phase. They are moving the emergency shelter to a temporary location for the next year while it rebuilds the new shelter for survivors.

"We will be increasing our bedroom capacity from 22 bedrooms to 33 bedrooms in our new facility," said CASFV Executive Director Stephanie Karr. "We'll have a great, indoor playground for our children, which is a wonderful new addition. And we'll be much energy efficient in the way the building is built and how we can maintain and operate it."

As of Friday morning, the CASFV website shows the center has raised 89 percent of the $7.5 million it needs to complete and furnish the new shelter.

"Our current shelter was built in the 1950s as a church. We've been in there since the early 1980s. The building is tired and worn out. It has housed and sheltered thousands and thousands of El Pasoans. We embarked on a campaign two years ago to raise money to build this shelter," Karr said.

If you are a victim needing to get to the temporary emergency shelter, or if you would like to donate money to help build the new shelter, call the CASFV Hotline at (915)-593-7300.

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