EPPD ofc. talks about returning to work after brush with death

Officer who had brush with death discusses what National Police Week means to him

Andy Rodriguez said that this year, more than ever, he is grateful to be part of the upcoming events that honor his fallen peers after his own close call with death in December.

A dashcam video of the events of that night went viral.

Rodriguez was conducting a sobriety test when a suspected drunken driver ran into his police car, which then ran into him.

The crash kept Rodriguez out of work for about a week.

Rodriguez said it's great to be back working with his peers and that working alongside them is a blessing.

He said some people with whom he's worked are some of the forgotten who will be honored next week.

Rodriguez said not just anybody can protect and serve; it takes a special heart.

"There's a special type of person that's needed to come out here and go out there and help the community," said Rodriguez.

"These officers have given the ultimate sacrifice: laid down their lives for a person they probably didn't know, for this community, for El Paso."

Rodriguez's peers are also happy to be working with him.

They stopped in the halls of police headquarters to greet Rodriguez with handshakes and "Hellos."

National Police Week runs from May 14 to 20, it's a week of recognition for those that protect the public and as Rodriguez says, "to improve society as a whole."

National Police Day, a day to remember fallen lawn enforcement, is May 15.

Rodriguez said that when he walks past the commemorative wall for those who lost their lives in the line of duty at headquarters, he knows how close he came to death.

He said he also knows that any day can be a close call for himself and his peers.

"Every day waking up putting on this uniform, you need that motivation to want to help to improve not just the city but society as a whole," he said.

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