Overpasses to close beginning Monday morning for Streetcar Project

Overpasses to close Monday for Streetcar Project

Monday, crews will begin to lay down key portions of railing on Stanton and Oregon overpass as a part of the Streetcar Project.

The closure will begin at 9 a.m.

Marina Monsisvais, a spokesperson for the Streetcar project, said that they made the decision for the late start to allow plenty of time for people to get to work in downtown.

According to the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, simultaneous closures are necessary.

This closure will happen between Yandell Drive and Wyoming Avenue in downtown.

Expect lane restrictions on Yandell as well as Wyoming.

There are some alternate routes to consider.

If you are going west:

- I-10 Exit 16/Executive Center Boulevard to Paisano Drive into Downtown.

- I-10 Exit 18B/Franklin Avenue to Durango Street

- I-10 Exit 19/Downtown, turn right on Santa Fe Street

If you are headed to downtown from the east:

- I-10 Exit 20/Cotton Street south to Texas Avenue

- I-10 Exit 19B/Downtown, turn left on Kansas Street, Mesa Street or Santa Fe Street

- Loop 375 César Chávez Border Highway to Campbell Street

UPDATE: New Traffic Pattern on Stanton Street will be in place between Crosby and Cincinnati

While North Stanton Street remains reduced to a single northbound lane between Yandell Drive and Cincinnati Avenue, northbound traffic will be moved from the east side of the street to the west side of the street between Crosby Avenue and Rim Road. Northbound traffic will move to the west side of the street between Crosby and Montana later in the week. Northbound traffic between Rim Road and Cincinnati Avenue was moved to the west side of the street on April 24.

These changes in traffic pattern is necessary to give crews from Paso del Norte Trackworks room to safely construct boarding platforms and complete paving along Stanton Street.

As for cross-streets at Stanton

All cross-streets between River Avenue and Cincinnati Avenue have re-opened at Stanton Street. Meanwhile, Montana Avenue, Arizona Avenue and Rio Grande Avenue are closed to thru traffic immediately west of Stanton. Intermittent closures of cross-streets will continue as rolling paving operations continue along some parts of Stanton Street.

Stanton Street is scheduled to re-open to north-south traffic between Crosby Avenue and Cincinnati Avenue by the end of May and between Yandell Drive and Crosby Avenue by the end of June.

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