Preparations underway for annual Army Trials

The Fort Bliss team is bringing experience to this year's Trials. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

Fort Bliss's team is gearing up to compete in the Army Trials, which will go down this weekend. The team is made up of people with some experience in the Trials.

The Army Trials are essentially the qualifiers for the Department of Defense Warrior Games. That event is the Olympics for injured service members.

Last year, retired U.S. Army Brandi Evans brought five medals back to El Paso in track and field and cycling.

"I get the jitters a little bit and try to get the nervousness out of the way since you've already competed once. But it's always great,” Evans said. “It's not just about the competition, it's about the camaraderie."

Another member of the team, Michael Stephens, brought home two golds in track and field.

The Fort Bliss team is bringing experience to this year's Trials. Evans and the rest of the team think these Trials will still be tough but a little bit more manageable.

"I think for me it's about the camaraderie and learning and growing for myself,”Staff Sgt. Rachel Salemick said.

Returning team members include retired U.S. Army Shawn“Bubba” Vosburg. Vosburg also qualified for the 2016 Warrior Games.

A schedule for the 2017 U.S. Army Trials can be found below in the article. Please give yourself time to get a visitor's pass to get on to Fort Bliss before attending.

U.S. Army Trials Schedule from April 2-6:

Sunday, April 2 : 7 a.m. Cycling competition; 7 p.m. Wheelchair Basketball

Monday, April 3: 8 a.m. Shooting; 7 p.m. Sitting Volleyball

Tuesday, April 4: 8 a.m. Track and Field; 7 p.m. Wheelchair Basketball

Wednesday, April 5: 8 a.m. Archery; 7 p.m. Sitting Volleyball

Thursday, April 6: 8 a.m. Swimming

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