Road trip safety for those headed out for Spring break getaway

Plenty of drivers will be on the roadways this spring break.

If you are one of them, there are some things to look out for.

Professionals at Western Tech say there are three things drivers should do before heading out on roadways:

Whether it's a short or a long road trip, get your tire tread looked at.

Your car's fluids and oils should also be checked, and lastly, the air pressure should be monitored.

Robert Gascar, instructor at Western Tech, says you shouldn't fill your tire with air according to the number that's on the tire.

He says, "The tire will have a maximum of what its inflated to. Instead, refer to your owners manual, or a lot of cars have the placard on the door."

After doing this, you will see a sticker that will you tell you the optimal front and rear air pressure

Finally, when on a road trip, you may find new cracks on the windshield.

Gasca says to get them sealed before they turn into a bigger problem.

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