SISD Dropout Prevention team working to keep graduation rate high


Socorro High School sees the most dropouts of all Socorro Independent School District (SISD) high schools.

The school is a challenge because of the demographics and life challenges.

Its Dropout Prevention team is hard at work keeping teens in the classroom.

Corey Craft, academics appliance officer with SISD, says students who stop showing up to class is like a child of their own gone missing.

Schools have been known to use scare tactics like truancy officers at front doors to get them to return.

For SISD, administrators will try calling students and parents when they are absent.

They'll ask what the problem is and how they can help.

SISD says they see some issues with students who are on the verge of dropping out:

Some students are helping their families financially.

Teen pregnancy and family violence are other issues.

Craft says student retention starts in the classroom.

Craft says teachers are the first line of defense because they're the ones who are seeing our students every day.

"They know our students best and they can tell maybe challenges or difficulties in our students' lives," says Craft.

A spokesperson for SISD says they've been able to tackle the dropout problem.

They've been able to raise the district's graduation rate to 90 percent.

Students can also struggle with academics.

It's easy to become frustrated with students who feel school is not for them.

Craft says you have to stay positive in these situations and one success builds up another success and another success.

Their technique? "We focus in on something that they are doing well and we build on that," says Craft. "Once they feel that confidence both socially and academically, it's amazing how they can thrive."

If you identify loss of interest in your teen, reach out to their high school's guidance counselor to see how you can get them on the right track.

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