Socorro declared state of disaster, residents forced from homes

Socorro declared state of disaster on Aug. 1. (CBS4)

Dozens of people in Socorro have been forced out of their homes due to rain and severe flooding.

Interim Mayor Rene Rodriguez signed a document declaring the city to be in a state of disaster.

On Tuesday, bulldozers were out clearing mud and water from an arroyo that spilled over and flooded Coker Road.

The road has a history of heavily flooding when it rains.

People who have been displaced are staying at a Red Cross shelter.

Victoria Snowden and her children were one of the families who couldn’t go back to their home on Coker Road.

“I’m emotionally and physically disturbed right now. It’s just, like, I want my house. But I can’t stay there no more,” Snowden said.

Snowden and her family are staying at the Rio Vista Center, where the Red Cross has set up cots.

“We’re waiting for a response to see what’s going to happen. What are we going to do? Where are we going to go? We still have a lot of questions,” she said. “I’ve been here 42 years and it wasn’t that bad.”

Pete Murillo decided not to evacuate and instead says he wants to save his home.

“I’m trying to clean up the water that went in. I set up a pump,. I have a pump and I’m getting the water out,” Murillo said.

Rodriguez said the city is looking for suitable housing assistance for those who were displaced.

But more rain is expected this week and families are urged to stay at the Red Cross Center.

Crews are working to clean up Coker Road in anticipation of the rain that is still to come.

City officials met with Coker Road residents on Tuesday afternoon to go over plans in the works to deal with the flood damage.

For now, residents continue to be on high alert for the next 72 hours as more rain is expected to hit their neighborhoods.

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