An El Paso Congressman is looking for a long term flood prevention plan for Socorro

Large piles of dirt remain on Coker Road in Socorro after flooding.

Coker Road in Socorro may only have a few days left under the disaster declaration the city put into place last week.

Homes were hit especially hard and even though his neighborhood was included in the disaster declaration, Rick Avalos, whose family has lived on Coker Road for more than 40 years, said the declaration may only work for short-term fixes.

"There has to be a long-term plan, but in the immediate, it was awesome to see them do that. It was a sigh of relief," Avalos said. "It's the most that's ever been done to help this neighborhood, so in that sense the city's really stepped it up, but there's more to be done."

With the City of Socorro's disaster declaration, city leaders were able to get bulldozers to build berms in flood-prone areas. Avalos said he hopes that El Paso County will step up to help his neighborhood too.

"My understanding is that the funds they need to carry out the plans that they have, need to be signed by the county. County Judge Escobar has not signed that declaration," Avalos said.

A threshold of $3 million must be met for the county to consider signing a disaster declaration, according to county commissioner Vince Perez.

Congressman Will Hurd visited Coker Road on Saturday afternoon.

"It's very different having someone describe this to you on the phone than when you're out here looking at it yourself," Congressman Hurd said.

Congressman Hurd said he's working alongside city and county officials to create a long-term plan.

"This happened to impact Socorro and Clint this time, but depending on where the showers fall everyone can be impacted so this is a broader community impact," he said.

Avalos said the Congressman visiting is a step in the right direction towards a more permanent flood-prevention solution for his neighborhood.

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