Update: El Paso kidnapping suspect surrenders to police

CBS4 was outside police headquarters when police escorted Miguel Mendez into a vehicle to be transferred to the county jail on March 10, 2017.

A man accused of kidnapping a woman and her two children at gunpoint turned himself in to police after a statewide Amber Alert was issued, police said.

The Amber Alert was issued around midnight Friday for Brenda Estrada, 31, and her two 9-year-old children, Ashley and Brandon.

Their suspected kidnapper, Miguel Angel Mendez, 29, was said to have violent tendencies and was considered armed and dangerous.

Around 7 a.m. Friday, Mendez arrived at police headquarters with the three victims and surrendered to police.

The two children and Estrada, who is four months pregnant, were safe and unharmed, police said.

CBS4 was outside police headquarters when police escorted Mendez into a vehicle to be transferred to the county jail.

Mendez was arrested for the outstanding kidnapping warrants and additional municipal warrants.

His bonds were set at $450,000.

The Amber Alert was sent out almost after the kidnapping happened.

KFOX14 asked the Texas Department of Public Safety why it took that amount of time.

“Most of these alerts that are sent out are on a case-by-case basis,” said Sgt. Moises Vasquez with DPS. “So there’s a lot of factors and circumstances that come into play as to how fast this alert gets processed.”

Vasquez said part of that process involves police submitting a request for an alert. Police haven’t said when it submitted that request.

Some staff at CBS4 noted the alerts showed up on their phones at different times. Some nearly five hours later than the initial alert.

“We send out that alert to assisting agencies that help us put out this information via cell phones and billboards,” Vasquez said. “ Now once they receive the approved alert then it’s up to them as to how long it takes to process it on their end.”

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