Therapists say parents should talk to kids about tragedies even if they're not involved

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Therapist say talking to children about tragedies that happen in their community is necessary.

Tim Mendoza, LPC Supervisor in the state of Texas and Clinical Director at the El Paso Child Guidance Center, said even the incident didn’t involve them, it is still important to have a conversation with children.

Senior Alberto Delgado said everyone was talking about the crash that killed Irvin High School coach Arcadio “Archie” Delgado.

“People were panicking, like what happened to the bus?” Alberto said.

David Dominguez, a student at Henderson Middle School said he appreciated the extra support. “Counselors from Jefferson came and helped us out to see if (the crash) affected us in any way.”

Mendoza said every child has a different response to tragedies.

“Anything from difficulties concentrating, difficulty sleeping, having nightmares, having physical responses to the trauma,” Mendoza said.

Mendoza said it is important to let them know it is OK to be scared. “Letting them know that it's OK to be scared to talk about what happened. Letting them know that they are going to feel depression, sadness, anger with what happened.

Tragedies like the bus crash could also affect kids in the long run. Parents are warned to watch for signs like detachment, problems in school and issues sleeping.

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