Mexico travel warning includes Ciudad Juarez

Juarez-Mexico border 

The State Department is warning U.S. citizens about the risk of traveling to parts of Mexico, including Ciudad Juarez.

It says it put the warning into effect because of violent crimes.

The government states U.S. citizens have fallen victim to kidnappings, carjacking, robberies and homicides.

"I only go to Juarez during the day. I don't go during the night, just to be safe,” Vicente Estrada said.

Siria Chahini told CBS4 she lives in Juarez.

She said she has heard crime is on the rise, but said she has never witnessed anything happen.

Per the travel warning, the U.S. State Department is urging Americans to be alert and use caution when traveling to Juarez.

It even stated U.S. government personnel are prohibited from certain parts of Juarez at night.

The government’s travel warning also lists the state of Chihuahua, stating travel should be limited to daylight hours and major highways.

Francsico Javier Baca told CBS4 he travels to Juarez frequently.

He said he has never had an issue with violence in the city, and said as long as you keep to yourself, you should not have any problems.

"There is violence in some parts, but not in all of Juarez,” he said. “Some parts are calm."

Even Estrada, who fell victim to a robbery, said these things can happen anywhere.

"That's not going to keep me from going to Juarez,” Estrada said.

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