Trial begins for El Paso man accused of killing his girlfriend, who was also his probation

David Zavala was charged with intoxication manslaughter after the crash that killed Cynthia Mendoza.

The trial is underway for the man accused of killing his probation officer in a drunken driving crash. David Zavala said he was dating his probation officer, Cynthia Mendoza, for about a year at the time of the crash. On Tuesday, the jury saw his interview with police right after the wreck. They also heard from investigators who worked on the case.

David Zavala admitted to drinking four tall boy beers the day he crashed his truck in 2014. Mendoza was taken to UMC where she died three days later.

The medical examiner who performed Mendoza’s autopsy testified Tuesday that Mendoza did not have drugs or alcohol in her blood.

The state showed video from Zavala's interview with police from after the crash. At first, Zavala was bawling in the video. The officer testified Tuesday he asked Zavala three times if he hit Mendoza, and he insisted that he did not.

The jury saw pictures of Mendoza's dead body where she had a big bruise on her eye. The state tried asking the medical examiner if it's possible that bruise came from an assault that could have happened before the crash.

Prosecutors also showed evidence that Zavala had made threats before the crash. In one specific 911 call he said, "I’m going to murder my girlfriend's mom, my girlfriend and her sister. And I'm going to murder you guys too for listening to this call."

An investigator testified that Zavala was blaming Mendoza for the wreck, saying she jerked the wheel. Police testified that there was not clear evidence to determine the cause of the crash.

The defense pointed out that it’s impossible to know who jerked the wheel. Zavala’s lawyer said, "Only two people know what happened inside the cabin that day, Mr. Zavala and Ms. Mendoza. STI could come out, NCIS could come out, but it's only just guesses as to what happened."

The officer testified that there was a witness who saw Zavala passing her at a high rate of speed and running a red light.

Zavala also admitted in police video that he drinks every day.

The trial continues Wednesday. The state said it will most likely rest its case, and the defense said it has more witnesses to question.

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